Globalisation and cross-border trade have been the norm and key driver of the global economy for decades; but a new dawn is rising with protectionist trade policies, 贸易战争, and the Covid-19 pandemic severely disrupting supply chains and forcing companies to examine new models and strategies in a bid to mitigate risk. The reversing of globalisation is the new reality where regionalisation will be increasingly important.

There is an acute need for companies to be more resilient to external shocks and to be able to handle global disruptions. 使当前全球化的供应链多样化, 包括回流的战略, 近岸, and offshoring are creating opportunities to build more regionalised supply chains and reduce dependence on a complex global web. This shift is causing a vast ripple effect around the world with nearly 85 million manufacturing jobs set to be affected globally. 支持乐博彩票官方app公司制定战略, Business 乐博彩票官方app has undertaken extensive research in EMEA to identify the emerging hotspots for global supply chain 近岸. 这项研究的结果支持了这篇文章.


虽然变革已经在进行, 供应链动态完全转变的现实并不简单. 离岸外包 会因为与亚洲的相互依赖而保持强劲吗, 尤其是中国, 该地区的整合链, 以及撤资的成本. A company looking to withdraw just one percent from 中国 and nearshore this to an experienced country like 波兰 would require an increase of production in 波兰 by 25 percent. Assessing current offshore set ups need to consider the depth and specialisation of the supply chains and sheer volume of manufacturing in 中国 to enable a smooth transition. 许多国家都在追求“中国+1”模式, where they diversify to another country within APAC to reduce full dependence on 中国 within the Asian markets.

使当前全球化的供应链多样化, 包括回流的战略, 近岸, and offshoring are creating opportunities to build more regionalised supply chains and reduce dependence on a complex global web.

关注以下方面的策略 重新支撑, 让制造和供应链回到公司位于欧洲的母国, is mainly driven by three factors: automation and the possibility to implement more flexible and efficient supply chains, 更高质量的, 以及国内失业产能的利用. 然而, 对于劳动力供应不足的制造过程,回流是不可能的, 劳动力成本高, 许多行业的自动化水平较低.

与持续的离岸和回流形成对比的是, 近岸 事实证明,对欧洲和乐博彩票官方app公司来说,这是一个有吸引力的选择吗. 将供应链转移到离家更近的地方, 前往中东, 对于那些需要更多劳动力的活动来说,非洲或欧洲是可行的, lower labour costs while also benefitting from logistical proximity to major consumer markets in 欧洲.

在安永(Ernst) & 今年5月,欧洲的高管们进行了一项年轻的闪电研究, 88 percent of respondents said they were considering 近岸 to low-cost areas just outside of the EU or in 非洲, while 61 percent are looking to reduce dependence on single/dominant source countries as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Reducing risk is not the only driver behind regionalisation; customer expectations for adaptability, 快速交货和接近客户, 此外,与当地分包商的深入合作也发挥了作用. Companies are acutely aware that black swan events and political turmoil have exposed supply chain fragility and are responding accordingly to regionalise their strategies. The role of 近岸 will be a key component both in the short- and long-term as 重新支撑 is not possible for all activities.



而回流更为直接, 对大多数欧洲公司来说, the likely approach will be to adopt overlapping supply chain strategies and roll this out over several years. Strategies for 近岸 must consider multiple variables to pinpoint the right geography in the region. 新兴的EMEA近岸热点是在非欧盟的东欧国家和北非, 两国都得益于紧密的地理和文化联系, 在欧洲家门口提供一个具有成本效益的制造基地. 然而,对于许多考虑近岸选择的公司来说,这些国家仍未开发.

成功的近岸战略还必须分析和综合关键kpi, 包括现有的供应链基础设施以及制造和/或物流的准备情况, 劳动力乐博彩票官方app的可用性和成本, 宏观经济因素包括政治风险, 稳定与腐败, 营商便利度, 和可持续性. 企业还需要考虑地方政府如何激励某些行业, particularly in the 中东 and 非洲 where local economies are significantly less diversified than their 欧洲an counterparts.

For the automotive component manufacturing sector consideration should be given to markets in Eastern 欧洲 or North 非洲 as there are existing supplier bases, however the textile production sector would be better suited to Ethiopia or Jordan which both have existing infrastructure and governmental initiatives to support the industry. Making the correct match is imperative for Swedish companies to exploit 近岸 opportunities in EMEA’s emerging markets


Future-proofing supply chains to mitigate risks arising from the ongoing power shift and global recession is non-negotiable if Swedish companies want to stay competitive in EMEA. Understanding the risks and opportunities associated with supply chain strategies is part of the approach, 但乐博彩票官方app商业在世界各地的专家团队不仅仅是分析. Our global presence and unique government mandate mean we can offer strategic advice and hands-on support to ensure supply chain management and diversification is aimed at the right markets, 用正确的方法. 乐博彩票官方app商业部门可以提供一切支持,从识别, 在新的国家选择和建立制造业, 对本地公司的兼并和收购, 建立本地分销和采购伙伴关系, 除此之外,还要在招聘方面提供实际支持, 本地孵化,寻找可靠的本地物流解决方案供应商并与之合作.